I Prefer Small Circles•

I'm telling you this now, only trust a few, and certainly don't fail to remember

I Promise you, you'll feel a whole load better.

Never really understood dishonest people

Annoyingly I'm way too fucking faithful.

I swear to god this surely bring out the gloomy demons in me

I patently know this because of all the fantasies i have to make them conseqently brutally bloody.

Visualising a merciless picture in my demented mind

Whilst my Bloodthirsty hands gouge their eyes out till the very end when they turn blind.

I want chunks of their hair and falling flesh in the Centre of my Superior hands

As if they're mad, caged beasts who follow my commands.

backstabbing people earn no respect

They're Deceiving,  Decietful,  Disastrous and always disrespect.

In my eyes they have no place on this earth

They're fucking useless and have no worth.

Coldhearted and Blackhearted.

Only to make sure I'm not Fainthearted.


  • germanamericanchurch

    Why is humanity such a cruel vision when life is a love song ?
    As if our animal is twisted from the greed and lies to the earth

    • Saima

      I have no idea

    • Gino

      People will always disappoint you, no matter who they are. Common sense usually prevails and keep faith till the very end. You are very talented, please keep writing...

      • Saima

        Yh that's true and thank you it means a lot:)

      • orchidee

        And I swear...... you must be watching 'Neighbours' too much! That's enough to make anyone.........whatever! heehee.

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