Confused kid

Drifting Away

Like the wind is pushing me back
Or maybe its the correct description I lack
But I feel it, I cant explain it but it's happening
Right before my eyes, something is changing

I'm lacking oxygen, I feel like i'm choking
It all looks normal but I can feel you slipping
I want to hide it but babe we are slowly, drifting
What can I do to stop us from crumbling

I wish I could make you love me
Give you what I feel when you hug me
The excitement and explosion as you kiss me
How I crave you when your far from me

It feels so horrible like I'm living but drowning
Like i'm injured but smiling, just acting like its nothing
As time keeps passing, we are just drifting
My face is just above the water but l'm slowly sinking

What really hurts, is I see what we could be
The happiness and joy, you could share with me
Wish I knew the right words to say, to make you stay
But maybe this the correct way, maybe we need to break away

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