NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

Something happened today
Something not nice
Police arrived at my school
I froze like ice

My heart sunk
As they walked through the door
I was trembling with fear
As I walked the corridor

They came to talk
About the assault
The thing I wanted to forget
But it's all schools fault

I was dealing with it
I was doing okay
Now it's come back again
Please go away

I'm thinking too much
Thinking about today
The way they walked up to me
My heart beat delayed

Can't believe it's come to this
All I could say was "but"
Maybe because someone
Couldn't keep their fucking mouth shut!

You betrayed my trust
You told the cunts
I can't believe you did this
Now I'm on the hunt

Cause now I'm distracted
And it's making me ill
You're the one who caused this
But you're the one on pills!!

In the meeting room
I was crying when they said
"Have you been assaulted"
I wanted to go to bed

I didn't know how to answer
And looked at Miss for advice
She just shook her head and said
"It's just not right"

She said to me
"Please understand that this is not okay"
"And the way he made you feel"
"Gets worse every day"

Police are strict and have many laws
But the one thing I can't do
Is tell them what happened
Cause I won't make it through..


  • swingline

    Sounds like you are unable to cope emotionally with people you do not know or can trust . In fact you probably can't trust anyone at this point . But holding in all your fears will destroy you just as fast as the assault did .

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