NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

If make up makes you pretty
And not eating makes you skinny
Then I don't want to do that

If being blonde makes you dumb
And having glasses makes you smart
Then I don't like the world

If being tall makes you intimidating
And being small makes you weak
Then I don't want to be anything

If being fat makes you ugly
But being skinny makes you ill
I don't want to be either

If being happy makes you annoying
But being depressed makes you weak
Then I hate this

If being strong makes you independent
But taking care of yourself makes you selfish
I can't live in this world

Cause you can't be something without judgement
You can't do something without hate
You can't be one thing without it meaning another

That's why this world is messed up
Just accept people
And it's gonna be okay


  • Louis Gibbs

    Strong, well written poem, Rachel. You did yourself proud!

  • swingline

    Great words to live by . You can't control others but you can be an example .

  • Saima

    This society is fucked but one thing I learnt is to just be yourself

  • Kadijah Siddique

    woah! I love this! Just... no words

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