My baby

I am so in love.
In love with your smile,
In love with your kisses,
In love with your little feet.
I love watching you struggle to get the puzzle just right,
And I love how you can't sleep without a song at night.
I love your hair,
I love your cheeks,
I love the way you smile when you get a glimpse at me.

Gabriel, Gabriel oh how I just love you Gabriel.
You're the reason I stay awake,
You're the reason why I fight so hard!
You are the reason for my drive, and for my accomplishments!

Without you Gabe I would not be here.
Gabriel you are two years old and you don't even have the slightest idea or clue.
You Gabriel saved a life and someday you will know how precious you really are.

For now we grow,
For now we sing our songs,
For now we spend every second we have together.
My best friend,
My baby, even though you drive me crazy.
I can't ever let you go,
I can't even dare for you to see me fail.
You mean everything to me little boy,
That's why I have became a lady!


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