Lost in a dream.


Lost in a dream where I am free,
To weightlessly soar on blue skies.
I'm the calf that's spared the abattoir,
The faith that never dies!
I am the mushroom hidden deep,
There in the earth below.
My isolation born of fear..
Solitary figure... lost in woe.
My years of darkness have bred in me..
a sickness .. a death of will..
And led me to feel pain and melancholia...
Greater still.
A meal of angst, despair and rage,
Served daily on a plate.
The walls I built, the lengths to which I danced
a jig with fate...
All in vain..
The will of life has driven me from below...
The life of the mushroom cast aside..
In search of hope I go.





  • camille

    Thank you

  • Heather T

    Keep searching, and toss the fork to the four winds! Thanks for sharing.

  • camille

    Thank you ..C

  • swingline

    Must step out into the light of hope now to grow .

    • camille

      Yes indeed 😊

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