Sunday Drive

I was walkin' down 5th, feelin' dead inside

When the old ghost appeared, sayin' "You wanna ride?"

I's like "Damn, fool, it's a little late for this shit."

The ghost said "Nah, homie; you on my hit list."

I headed to the market for a bottled coke

To taste home once more right before I go.

Sat in the Square in the snow, just sippin' slow

Watchin' people walk by holding hands in the cold.

I was alone and not alone with the ghost in my ear

Sayin' "Time to bounce out, better leave ya fear

'Cause where we're goin', you don't need that shit weighin' you down,"

And I know he meant six feet under the ground.

Now I was feelin' real lonely and I knew it wouldn't change,

So I got to know the voices up in my brain

There was a hopelessness that strangled me and demons that were mangling

My self-esteem, killing dreams; I'd feel better hanging, G.

But the ghost approached me, sayin' he had something better

Said to go back to the dorm, change into my favorite sweater

So I walked inside, shook the snow off my feet.

When I was greeted by some people that I saw on the street

The ride up was uncomfortable; they just kept talking to each other

I was quiet; stuttering and silent.

Ran away to my room so I could change up soon,

But at the door I heard laughs and some bumpin' tunes

Straight stressin' with anxiety, my guts would melt inside of me, but fuck it.

I know that my end won't disrupt it.

I really thought these wild motherfuckers wouldn't notice,

But they followed to my room, talkin' 'bout "Don't you know us?"

Tried to act real cool, but I was shaking and nervous

'Cause the lady that I liked was there and she might've heard us,

Meaning me and my depression as I tried to explain

Why I didn't want to stay without giving away

How the river of flames beats the cinders of existence

Endless sickness in my brain don't really need no witness

Actin' lame, I dipped out, flagged down a cab to ride

The last cab I'd get inside while being alive

          "Cause it's a brand new type of Sunday drive:

            Tunes up, smoked out, and gettin' live.

            We celebratin' each day that we survive.

            We livin' for these days; now who wanna ride?"

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