Always An End

All I do is sit thinking of better ways,so I sell this and weigh that,it sure pays. 

I started thinking it's good enough to rule a franchise,9-5 dont get you nothing but cheap ass merchandise.

Just stick with rule number 1 and don't get high off your own supply, if you do you'll sit back when it's all gone and lost realizing  why.

So if I just follow that 1 simple rule, everything will be playa made, I can jump in my ride to enjoy and see the money fade.

Easy made easy fade all I have to do is sit back and wait on that ring,and theirs always a fien helping me bling.

Thinking I'll start some shit today,got my dawg Ice along,she say lets take over the world,but first lets hit this bong.

We just riding around, laughing,listening to latin hip hop,then I get that ring so time to swing by the hood in 24 and make that big ass drop.

I know I got a bad ass slab on 22,I saw this Cadillac and I got to choose.

See when I see something I like,I buy it,I don't act like some desperado,I calmly take out my bands and make my buy and ooh-wee, this time it was a purple Eldorado.

So riding around with Ice bumpin and smokin that fire dody,after picking up a pound from my connect Jody.

I chill with some good people,I can see right through a person,have to be some what of a me version.

The life I lead is intense, I'm always wondering  what frienemy or hatin ass law going to run up on my paper chase,so when you jump in the game better hope you were paying attention with a straight face.

Know with everything you do theres always a consequence,so be ready cause at any moment you may have to jump a fence.

You better get away cause who wants to do 5-10 TDCJ,all there is to do is get on your knees and pray.

Pray you don't change your future,get ready to stand head up strong and mature.

See we are all givin a destination,with every turn you got a decision to make a good choice with no procrastination.

So where will your destination lead you,hopefully you don't lead yourself to the blues.

In this cell I write now reminiscing on all my shits and giggles,it's gone and now I sit all alone,will anyone ever accept my call and pick up the other end of the phone.

The outside world act like I'm dead,like I don't exist, they on some fuckery shit,when I get out I'll show then some thuggery shit.



  • Jooles

    Love your comments as to why you wrote this 💜

    • Lala

      Thank u

    • onepauly

      watch for my poem.
      there are many ways to understand it

    • Lala

      Cant wait to read your poem

    • swingline

      I hope when you get out you will change your lifestyle . It didn't work once and it isn't going to again . Especially in Texas .

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