Olive Green Eyes

With the sun portraying your eyes 

In their olive green hint 

With your smile beaming 

Keeping your face lit 

As your hair flows like flowers in the wind 

Your beautiful anatomy on all life's bliss 

Accompanies your positive outlook on all that's missed

Your tender heart loving others  

Pumping blood through your body to keep it strong

While focusing on others 

Forgetting what you've lost 

Your joyful spirit dancing round in light 

Encouraging others who feel they've lost their fight

You protect and help them to survive

You really are one of a kind

So never change 

Never listen to what others say 

Focus on yourself 

Being who you are 

With care, love and devotion given from your beating heart 

But if your sun ever does go down

Never lose your shine from your olive green eyes 


  • John Gover

    I love the words "focus" in this.

    You tell the subject to focus on life which is perfect because they are a personification of light, which can be focused to make light brighter.

    Well done.

  • swingline

    Does he wear tinted contacts ? A glowing account of a star on the rise .

    • ShannonXx

      Haha no he doesn't and thx for the comment

    • P.H.Rose

      Lovely poem Shannon

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