Wishful Thinking

Sometimes I wish I was Doctor Suess and I could spit a rhyme,

To sound like a soothing, calming comfort of a chime,

I could rhyme and tell stories about the whos,

Tell stories like green eggs and ham also laugh about the other silly foos,

Thing 1 thing 2,blue fish,red fish, and tell about Cindy Lue and her courage her world tries to smear,

Also the mean old grinch and his crooked grin,but wait where do they all live,hmm, prehaps in a round chandelier,

But no my rhyms are filled with tears,so tired of living in fear,

Often I'm filled with darkness from deep within my body ,soul and heart,

I want to pull all that consume me apart,

The pain of love and loss of my childhood abandonments,

I learn in life no matter the age it's all how we deal with disappointments,

For many like myself comes a life of party,hustle,trappin,addictions and being humiliated,

I laugh, joke, act silly and focus on others, to not remember just even  for a moment my issues,or is it that pill that helps me put on a show I know is so simulated,

Now wondering how this poem even started with that silly cat and friends from that silly childrens story,

But thats me and its brings me to end of my silly story.

  • Author: Lala (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 18th, 2017 02:56
  • Category: Sad
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  • swingline

    Everyone has a life's story . Some are fiction , some are horror , some autobiographical , and some can be science fiction , religious , or children . But we all have our book to be written .

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