Antonio Valetoria

The oath i swore inside your eyes

my dearest, deepest most sacred of my blood,

How small and vacant a thing my heart was 

Before you inside it lived.

My soul like a harpstring quivering beautify mortally wounded within the deep jade songs of your eyes

How my heart ignighted and grew to the expanse of the sky and the depths of the sea

And still my love for you enormous and all consuming barely fit

The moment I cradled you dove soft perfect and tiny inside my hands

And within your angel and saint carved face I found the meaning of forever

And never will my hand in such sweet and tenderest trusting grace be held

Nor my arms in such pure and loving comfort filled

So completely and eternally this heart belongs and overflows with songs

Within all that you are and in all you do the truest and purest beauty lives

Nothing that has ever been done is so magic or great

No titled ever possessed, is more noble, no day I've lived surpassed as the day my heart knelt in awe at your petal-skinned feet and you crowned me as....your Dad




  • Antonio Valetoria

    Thank you, love.
    I think they just did❤

  • Poetic Dan

    Wonderful read my friend
    Glad being dad
    Doesn't lift only my feet

  • Antonio Valetoria

    Thank you and happy father's day

  • malubotelho

    Wow! I'm in awe reading this. How wonderful to have the opportunity to see such a profound expression of so sincere love. It is the essence of beauty. Thanks. And your daughter looks so adorable.

  • Santita

    Such a beautiful dedication to Ysabella. "crowned me as your Dad" has to be my favorite line. You guys are so cute ☺

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