I always wondered what I was to you,
was I a person who had a crush on you?
Was I a friend to you, a friend you wanted to know more about?
Was I the person who you had feelings for but didn't tell me?
It's weird, I always felt like you didn't want to talk to me,
Maybe you didn't, but at band practice you talked to me, you talked to me like no one else done before.
But why?
You knew I had feelings for you, but why did you talk to me anyways?
I will never know why and I will always wonder why.
Maybe I should ask, but your answer will probably be, "I was being nice."
Well it wasn't nice, it wasn't nice that the way you talked to me that made me believe you had feelings for me.
Maybe I'm better if I forget about you and you forget about me,
Forgive and forget?
No, just forget.


  • kathyhall

    Lovely write. I really thought it was amazing.

    • Fluatist

      Thank you!

    • DJJABS

      Beautiful, thank you.

      Always take a risk
      Lesson to be learned

      Forgive and forgot
      This is for yourself.

      That's what your poem told me ;)

    • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

      To er is human, to forgive Divine. There's a lot of truth to that saying. Its tough to forgive sometimes, but it's a must before God, and as it turns out, it's a blessing of peace for the one that forgives.

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