kevin browne

Stars And The Bright.

possible is impossible when the faltering of the human mind expires
into the darkness of our own abilities that leads another shark astray
straightened into being bent more so than any curve could ever be
and when we see the vision of the thoughts that caught the doldrums
on fire, we burn into disarray with the reflection of the world on your lap
strengthening the powers to build upwards into golden towers
that the gates hold the key only if you are prepared to live again without
any instinctive blossom, especially if and when we learn another doubt
when in fact, after all, said and done, this one never even spoke
so I'll give it another go for I am all alone in this world at night
to share the wonderful, the stunning, the stars and the bright
light travels from now until it starts all over again
speeding back in time with the thought of no one ever knowing
which in when we can, try to step aside and take a look at life
in knowing it's there for you and me to increase the initiative from it
that with a final declaration in special needs for the population
that we all grow as one and to disperse within our groups
to live to tell what the next one needs to know
and if we as we are can be happy without the things we have
then there is another world beginning to flower.


  • Augustus

    "If we can be happy without the things we have" very nice.

    • kevin browne

      Thank you, my friend, Augustus the great x

    • Poetic Dan

      Dam for the first time
      I don't have much rhyme
      Or Maybe just a little

      Your words have resonated with me
      This is going to affect all in my reach
      This flower that blooms
      Will be watered by my tears
      The roots nurtured unconditionally

      I'll stop myself there, thank you for the time you take to write and share.
      Opps did it again ;)

      • kevin browne

        god bless you, my friend and a big thank you too.

        • kevin browne

          you are too kind, my friend, but yes, 'roots nurtured unconditionally' I love that and we bow down at the altar of wisdom and bow down to show the appreciation of it. thank you for you kind words.

        • Psentinel

          Very visual, and visceral.

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