Bamburg Castle


Frenzied sparkles of mist forebode the future as waves beneath crystal droplets ferry silhouettes of stealth headed with single mindedness over emerald shoals and burnt sand to clamber up grassy lowlands amongst the grey green tussocks close to shore.

Seemingly leading the now visible shapes a sedge warbler wings his way higher to ridges of basalt berm followed over centuries by Vikings, Scots and Normans trampling over wild onion, bramble and forget-me-nots, each laying claim to the prize garnishing this dolerite hill of Northumberland, a fortress of pinkish iron flecked sandstone, shielding rock, spear, sword and swarms of brawny, power hungry men.

Though breached the citadel stood fast to ultimately watch the marauders return on receding I sanguineous waves to the sea while the ancient castle rested, overlooking coved dunes, tufts of bent grass, and broad sloping berms spotted with rock rose, bell heather and worn paths leading to medieval gates now open for peace, brightening the entrance to courtyards, buttressed walls, and grand halls beneath sentinel towers rising through clouds to overlook the North Sea. 


Augustus / Houston, TX / June 2017


  • swingline

    Yes , Yes I see it far off in the distance .

  • kevin browne

    stunning. well done for the imagery, Augustus

    • Augustus

      Did some research on grass and such.

    • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

      What would be the result if I sent you a picture of Marilyn Monroe? All this for a mere picture? Wow!

      • Augustus

        Thanks for the neat compliment

      • orchidee

        A fine write Aug.

      • kathyhall

        You paint the picture quite clear. Good job!!

        • Augustus

          Thanks big bunch

          • kathyhall

            Your welcome a bushel and many HUGS!!

          • P.H.Rose

            Wonderful poem Augustus
            I am not far away from
            Bamburg castle, my son
            Lives on the outskirts of
            Newcastle... it a beautiful
            Place.... we come here every
            Two weeks or so and help
            Him with his new house...

            • Augustus

              Did research on rock, soil, etc. Lovely area. Your son is lucky.

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