"Here I Stand"

So let it be as it is..

As I stand here, victorious amongst the bested, beside the remnants of a chrysalis welded in my own ignorance, my cries of redemption are muffled by brick walls, sweating wax, melting from the flaming wick of what is to be

Skeptical of those who do not seek truth, and cynical of those who do, for he who knows is unbeknown, as his tongue is held in promise, and silence spins webs of wisdom, forever indebted to his fortune

So let my words be diminished in solace, may the quill be my only projection of thought, toiling in secrecy, a helot penman, crafted within the boundless confines of the soul, until the end of days, here I stand..

Donning a shroud of blackness, I once sat upon the walls from which the Angels leap, where my adolescence sleeps in anguish, and all that is beauty, bleeds away into the abyss of what is lost and forgotten

A desolate vessel, begotten in flesh, existing only to experience death with each passing breath, hollowed as the blackhole held within my chest swallowed the Sun whole, breaching the depths of regret, and exhaling the exile of all hope into a great void of sorrow

My "Paradise Lost", only to be found again with a new scythe of exhaustion, my desire burning within, has now met with the sands of detachment, and with each glimpse of tomorrow, my faith is restored

They have spoken, in the language of the Divine, They have spoken..

And I have listened, harked upon knowledge bestowed upon me in times of revolution, yet these silent words served to be a lake upon which I danced with caution, only to be graced by the waters diluted with the milky venoms of the doubtful

Fear, the heart of my intuition, the antagonist of my fate, my fetters to a finite form, formless in It's essence, bound in carnal instinct, wallowing aimlessly in a realm of organized chaos, and seeking refuge inside the eye of a shadow

And as these contorted portraits of alluring bliss are lynched by the umbilical cord, and aborted into ritual, the creatures before me speak in tones foreign to my ears, yet kindred to my soul

How often I've stood at the ocean of molten thought, smoldering, engulfing my mind in flames, the gravity forged into waves of judgement, flooding the anthills, reduced to ashes, raining from above, an overcast of self loathing

Silhouettes of hypocrisy appear laced with distortion, as mirages of myself, contorted by volume, begin to erect swords from their irises, poking holes in the horizon, pouring Hellish scenery upon the canvas, as the easel that holds is burned

So let he who holds hatred and malice within, find peace with himself, for the stones in his palms are tumbled by his own insecurity, as fear is his food, digested out of habit

And as the wise write the books of tomorrow, the fools stay on the same page..

Famished they roam, parasites cloaked in leeches, stomachfuls of tapeworms harboring bilious logic, swimming in puddles of stagnating vomit, peppered with algae composed of a synthesized reasoning

Oh, how scum pirouettes the surface of science, fed upon by bacterial cultures, abiding the laws of Man, and disregarding their own nature, in a state of reaction, as their heads hang to the left

The guillotine has tasted the blood of infants, with an ambience of holocaustal melody, seeping melancholia into infertile soils, as demons sprout from the dirt, their laughter painted in lines throughout the Cosmos

Thus, a spiraling vendetta is conceived, righteous in it's cause, the effect; harmony, with the means of destruction, motivated by love, a love catalyzed by fear, for darkness only exists to don light

The circle of all that is, and all that was, is squared into what is to be, and as the blindfold is lifted, and the veil is torn, I see through the eye of the mind, the intrinsic geometries of my being, and the star that I have worn since the dawning of Infinity

Aye, I have witnessed the rise and fall of many cycles, as the Sun galloped across the sky akin to Pegasus, serenading the Earth in unison with it's Wisdom, and yet I still reside in a stupor of curiosity and wonder, baffled, admittedly, by a translucent reality gradually overlapping illusion, as the mysterious and the unseen, unfold into knowledge

Mystery, a seed of revelation, has been planted within, awaiting fruition into the tree, which will bear the fruit of wisdom..

And with this wisdom, the paradoxical nature of perception has become apparent, and as polarity is slowly transcended into Oneness, I shall watch, in an air of humility, the Demons of shame vanquish into serenity, as liberty is restored upon me, unbound by the skies and rooted in the Heavens, aye, I shall know freedom, I shall be freedom

So allow me to breathe my final sighs of stress, and revel quietly in my sacrifice, for I have stood here for so long that I've forgotten what I stand for, and now I must walk, walk through these last shades of darkness, into the echo of light

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