This Kiss

It was a kiss
but not a normal kiss
this one left me pained 
but even relieved
I knew it was wrong
I knew I would regret it
but every time I walked away
the kiss beckoned me back
I don't know why it happened
I don't even know when it started
all I knew was
if I felt bad
this kiss would help me
Most kisses are soft and delicate
but this one was hard and demanding
demanding that I come back every time I hurt 
demanding that every time I thought it was over
i had to return back to the kiss
Most people are in love when they kiss
but this kiss was out of complete hatred 
hatred for myself, hatred for what I let happen, 
and hatred for knowing nobody could help me
This kiss
alluring, yet dangerous
left me playing a dangerous game with myself
wondering when the next kiss would be
wondering when I would feel joy, yet pain
The kiss of cold hard steel 
is not easily forgettable 
This kiss leaves scars that you never want to show
it leaves memories that you never want to think of again
This kiss was deadly
But this kiss



  • SheWasTheSun

    I love how the last line trails off. It leaves the reader wanting to know more yet somehow knowing everything. Great work!

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