The Kid Scribble Again

Why the rocket flies to sky

Because around scientists it feels so shy


Why the Lion roar out loud

Because in forest it feels so bore


How the tiger catches the deer

Because its healthy and drinks no beer


why do the planets go around the sun

Because they don't have any other fun



Why my mom make sweet dishes

Because i give her a lot of kisses


Why my dad throws me high

Because he knows i like to fly


Why do the stars come at night

Because with sun ,stars had a fight


Why do the clouds pour the rain

Because the thunder causes him pain













  • kathyhall

    LOL, why did you write this poem? Because it over flows with cuteness, as you do!!

    • Rajkumar

      Thanks kathy for giving such a comment..always kids thoughts are so cute than grown up's...I just reflected that...

    • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

      Very nice! You have a way of making my days brighter, and a way of making me smile

      • Rajkumar

        I am happy that i make u smile soul...its the success of the poem...

      • RAJ NANDY


        • Rajkumar

          Thanks Nandy....

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