Glass Cases

A tempest brews and flowers bloom

Colors change and all is strange

Ashes settle and strong hands tremble

Time stands still and oceans fill

Chaos in a glass case

Clear as day for all to view

Each player in this tangled game

Has a case just like you

Yet never has a single soul

Taken even the slightest glance

Inside the frightening, disordered, cold

Case of another along their path

Each and every troubled mind

Walks along with eyes rolled in

Searching on with hopes to find

A way to calm their chaotic bin

If only they knew that you, too

Struggle to contain your storm

Maybe if you let them view

The danger inside might cease to swarm

So as you walk, don’t look at their faces

Their grins will fool and their eyes will fib

Shift your gaze to their fragile glass cases

At the chaos brewing beneath their ribs


  • Hopey_xx

    Very powerful and so well written. I enjoyed reading it!

    • SheWasTheSun

      Thank you! I really appreciate it!

    • Augustus

      Great metaphor especially as glass is so fragile. Exceedingly well done

      • SheWasTheSun

        Thank you so much Augustus, I really appreciate it!

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