The tomorrows I believe in

I walked in the desert today, and found beauty, and grace,

There was peace, and solace I found in this desolate place,,


It seems we can find these things anywhere we care to look,

Won't you join me? Together, we can turn the pages of this book,,


The creation is out there waiting for those who would dare,

And answers through emptiness for whoever waits there,,


Sunrise left enchanting footprints on the golden shore,

The breeze whispered in my ear, reflecting memories on the floor,,


Suffocated by sand, wherever the eye could go,

My life passed me by, happy times trapped in my shadow,,


As I reflected upon my life, a weak voice called my name,

Telling me about the tomorrows I believed in, and how they never came,,


My heart stopped for a moment, my world came crashing down,

I began to speak the important words that I never found,,


Every breath I took was poetry waiting to be told,

A story, a memory, a unique tale of old,,


Slowly my life felt like it was coming together again,

Solace comforted me, and took away my pain,,


At sunset I was wrapped up tightly in life’s loving embrace,

And as I slept silently, I found myself in this isolated place.






  • Goldfinch60

    Good write.

    • Hopey_xx

      Thank you!

    • Lawless

      Awesomely done poets.

      • Hopey_xx

        Thank you both 😊

      • SheWasTheSun

        "Every breath I took was poetry waiting to be told".. I am in love with line. Beautiful work!

        • Hopey_xx

          Thanks so much!

        • kevin browne

          the tomorrow I believe in is with you rocketing in the poetry world. oh, this is so sweet and it's quite rare to to come across work like this from a young writer, but, with a mind like yours, then there are no limits.its smooth, its captivating and its going places. great work x

          • Hopey_xx

            Thank you very much Kevin!

          • Augustus

            Incredible .

            • Hopey_xx

              Aw thank you!

            • poetboy5454

              This was great and I'm glad you're doing better Hopey!

              • Hopey_xx

                Thank you pb, I'm trying my best

              • malubotelho

                Great writing. Very inspiring. Great poetic thoughts.

                • Hopey_xx

                  Thank you malubotelho!

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