Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

Listen, Young People Out There! YES YOU!! Please Read.

Listen Young People Out There!! Yeah YOU!!


This life is tough, Believe me I know,, 

You lose, You can't fight, It does blow,,


Yet I'm telling you, That you must go on!!

People love you, and will miss ya, if you're gone,,


My Lady fought disease till she couldn't anymore,,

Since she passed, My life, Well, my life, I just deplore,,


Yet she was the smart one, and the one dying,,

She made me promise to live on, and I'm not lying,,


You see, I miss her more than anyone I have ever known,,

I still cry nearly every day, I just hang my head, and moan,,


But if I can keep this promise to her, and live,,

Then you must, Because you have so much to give,,


You all have something, A gift that all too few possess,,

You have passion, and a gift in writ, and I won't accept less,,


Keep writing, Its good therapy, and I am pleading with you,,

If so, I'll keep reading your work, and lovin it, I promise to,,


Together we can chase those demons back into the dark night,,

Live on! I insist that you do! I really NEED to read what you write,,


Without you I'd have to take up video games to fill the space in my mind,,

How pathetic is it for a cowboy to have Mario kick his ass all the time?


If you don't write, Then what the hell am I supposed to do each day?

I love what you write, and it keeps me from going nuts,, Okay??



  • lanaevans

    I'll keep writing. Thank you!

  • Tris Eaton

    I'll keep trying to write that poem. Still need to find some good words

    • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

      The words are there Tris, you just have to fill in the blanks. I have faith in ya girl, and I am just a waitin to read your work.

      • Tris Eaton

        I'm sure they are they just won't translate to physical things on the screen

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      • WG7

        I can't write anymore I'm done I'm just done
        I've been at the hospital bc I jumped
        I'm done with it all
        I have nothing to write
        Idk what to write
        My mind goes blank and my body goes slack
        And I still have that problem with my back
        ......I'm sorry I haven't been writing and I'll try to get back but idk..

      • kathyhall

        Very encouraging words. nicely done and wonderfully thought.

      • onepauly

        you are a poet, you cant fool me.
        this poem says all I need to know
        I'm going to read all of them.
        the future is for all of us.

      • BloodPho3nix

        This is beautiful! Thank you for writing this for all of us. You're a really good writer

        • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

          You're a really good kid. You remember that okay? I can see your gifts in your writing and that's why I hope that you continue for a very very long time

        • Gary Edward Geraci

          Way to go Kindred - I like your mission statement brother! Nice passionate write fueled by the fire of personal experience and testimony. Keep 'em coming.

          • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

            Thank you. There are so many young ones than need to be needed. I need them. It works out great.

            • Gary Edward Geraci

              Giving to others until we have nothing else to give - a lesson from Christ himself.

            • Discreat


            • AudreyB

              Thank you

              • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

                You are more than welcome. But thank you as well for filling my days with wonderful poetry.

              • malubotelho

                I will keeping writing. And reading too. Thanks for writing.

              • poetboy5454

                I'll always keep writing, thank you for writing this for everyone! :D

              • Goldfinch60

                Good write and good message I do hope that the youngsters on the site take heed.

              • Hopey_xx

                Yes, thank you for writing this! Together we can all keep writing 😊

              • Renzi

                This really touched my heart my dear friend. Your strength is admirable and this was a great write. Together we will write, together we will be alright 💓 much love, renzi x

              • alisha.ldn

                thanks so much. you've motivated to write even more

              • kevin browne

                will follow the rules an keep writing Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit. great piece here , my friend.

              • Insatiable

                I really like this one. Mostly because it resonates with me so well.

              • Confused kid

                Really lovely, I will keep writing anytime I get the chance. You right, writing sure is good therapy

              • DJJABS

                Pure heart. Thank you, I know that's not an easy life, I hope those happy memories keep you both dancing in side.
                I tell you and all openly, this morning I was up at 5am to take my kids back for school (1 half hour drive), to see my ex-wife looking at me wishing I was not around (yes she's tells me too). On the drive back I cried on and off just stopping outside my first job.
                Yesterday was also trigger day for me, as an event with my partners teenage son set off a traumatic childhood memory.

                I'm still finding tools to hand life
                Writing has always been
                For the first time I'll truly seeing
                My damage soul is not alone

                Thank you for being part of it!

                • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

                  No worries, I just want you to keep giving me the strength that you do with your wonderful poetry.

                • orchidee

                  Cooeeee! I'm young too! heehee.

                • ShannonXx

                  This is wonderful! Such a great message! Thank you for writing this

                • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

                  No worries Darlin you are worth my every effort.

                • kit

                  Thank you for writing this. Made me happy and slightly sad, but honestly mainly happy. Made me feel important and like I matter, so thank you, thank you so much.

                  • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

                    You DO matter. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. I wrote it because you matter. I would not have bothered if I believed that you didn't matter. I do not give a hoot what anyone else thinks or says,,, You most definitely matter.

                    • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

                      I love your poetry as well. Please keep writing because I love to read what you write. You are very gifted, are you aware of that?

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                    • jdblake

                      I like it. Thank you for the poetry.

                    • Hidden.shine

                      Thank you. So much for this

                    • wordman

                      life is a journey we must all travel,some good days some bad ones,and it is all based on your decisions

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