A Requiem For Everyone That Feels Forgotten

The shadows tear their way inside

Blocking everything, leaving nowhere to hide

And the world seems torn apart

Feeling crushed by this looming anxiety piercing the broken pieces of your heart

You gather dust, soon an abandoned memory

Forgotten and alone, no one you can see

Broken and ragged upon the land

Sinking into the depths of your despair

Losing hope, not having the will to care

Running into the arms of death

All too ready to take the final breath

When out of the blue someone reaches out a hand

Giving you a glimpse of the light

For even if you've always been the person in the background

Seemingly faded into the night

Everyone deserves to have a chance to make a sound

Even if the darkness surrounds you

And misery rises up to your knees

If you're falling, not because you slipped, but because you let go

If you call out somebody will catch you, this you should know

Let your voice ring out

Release all the pain with a shout

No one is ever alone


The light will find a way

Expelling the shade, the start of a new day

And the world won't be torn apart

Try to feel hope and let it gather the broken pieces of your heart

And if you ever feel forgotten, like no one's given you a chance

As if they've all just passed you by

Find a way to make them give you another glance

Spread your wings and fly






  • Hopey_xx

    Wow, a great poem, and a great song to go with it!

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