kevin browne

Just Like John Lennon Said.

that a fire in the sky one night as I dreamt caught my imagination's eye
folding over into the corners of the thoughts who cared
pillowed by the efforts in which the loudest screams were heard
filling in the stars with the aura of any heart that has a soul in it
withheld on departure from the existence that has never failed us
and with a voice that echoed throughout the galaxies and black holes
fermenting, brewing, stirring in all those fields of spiritualistic ideology
we in finding so much space that every atom is tightened and strangled
that inside of us there beneath the shooting stars of life
coming together solidly as another 'pardon me' passed us by
and in swimming with the streams of pastures where wildlife can now thrive
with a glint in my eye, I can see all the butterflies float by
that in commanding any assurance from the philosophical viewpoint
that mine own vision takes talk into another dimension of speech
my life is yours and your life is mine, this is how we say 'our peace'
in voting victory to the ones who said nothing when we crossed their paths
a future, an intelligence, a love, a desire for all of us to have and keep
the sacrificing of all things to gain the power that sits deep within
combining insight with the imagination of any Gods given geniuses
with talent on board, the sails set free to sail the seven seas
the oceans alive with the atrocities that stretch deep down into blue
and troubled waters boiled up a steam to let the waves roll over us
crying for help in this world when another one just died too
with broken hearts, broken pieces and a flag that flies hope all the way up
and in trusting the sun in being forever generous with the energy supply
In a mind filled with God that when it mattered did he really care?
so for this walk of life, we accustom our insecure selves to endlessly
let any battle begin with the friend who saw you killed and buried
for there are people on this Earth and I will make sure they stand up
in control of destinations but is it the same one for me?
letting the mystery live, unaware of any attention seeking to happen at all
when reading between these line of mine, just like John Lennon said.

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