I miss my bug-ga-boos,especially hearing all the I love yous.

I feel so torn,all broken and scorn.

How could mother of the year,act like it was something she couldn't hear.

How come it looked like I let go of what made me complete,now I'll live to face reality sober and now compete.

So full of passion, I'm on a long but achievable mission. 

The guilt tears into me like a knife in the back,I hate when I have to look at the lack.

For friends, fun and shits and giggles,no more toesies to tickle.

Now like a tumble weed in the wind blowing any wheres,I miss washing all kind of boy and girl underwears.

Feeling quit stupid and embarrassed and miserable,remembering all that made me loveable.

They are all so priceless,their presence such pleasentness.

It was never dull, always kept me laughing,the things kids say are the darndest, Mijo,Papas,AngelBaby,Boogy, Hubba and Bubba are truely the bestest.

Those 6 hearts were worth my while,always kept me with a smile.

To look at each one and think now how lucky I am to bare such perfection,they each got from me so much love and affection.

Plus the love they gave me was so magical, I had it perfect like an instrumental.

So beautiful and so alluring,my sweet little darlings.

The tune of our lives was an opera just so loud, but it was who we were and always drawing a crowd.

I miss all the ups and downs,now left with a frown.

I had 6 everywhere I went, we'd be mobbin, 1 deep now, all you catch me doing is sobbin.

I got good memories,sooner then later we'll make plenty more stories.

They are my marvel, also my wonderful.

Elijah,Jadyn,Jaala,Ezekiel,Aadyn and Kadyn are my winsome,all uniquely awesome.

I know besides my mistakes they will all be back and I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting with arms wide open for all 6 to know love as never failing.

So I shed my tears now and am dealing and healing from the horrendous world of misery, I pray now I can stand from this fall, move forward,leave my past behind me and accomplish for then great mastery.






    A nice poem both meaningful and also entertaining! - Raj, New Delhi

  • Lala

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it

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