Have you ever looked at the alphabet?

Have you ever looked at the alphabet?

 Looked at the sequence of letters in their first form.

Looked at the way they fit, to make words, from which meaning is derived.

Looked at the way they are placed, next to each other, akin to brothers in arms standing, on the front line of life.


Have you ever looked at the letters?

Nothing more than shapes, yet with so much more power.

Nothing more than lines, yet more significant than others, existing with so much more purpose.

Nothing more than ink, or as time progressed, program, and yet act as pathways, to uniting, the past with the present and future.


Have you ever looked at meaning?

Why the sequence of letters makes any kind of sense.

Why the sense that it makes, at least where most important, is always the same.

Why the same words written, can speak a different message, dependent on its receiver, the time and the place.


Have you ever not looked?

Just read what was there?

Just taken for granted its sense, and its meaning. Forgetting the hours, it took to remember.

Just believing the words, their first interpretation, as gospel. No consideration for intention. No authors underlying plan.


Have you ever given up?

On the language, you use without thought.

On the language, that mattered so much and yet so little, when you were young. Instead to focus

On the language you wrote, that made sense to only you, only to unlearn this to learn what the others told you too.


Have you ever tried to understand language?

Not in the way the scholars teach. Or the prayer books say. Or your mother told you too.

Not in the way that leaves the mechanics pure, or open to their faults, or primed to be criticised by those with greater intellect.

Not in the way that says what others want to read, putting the Prince's at the top, and the damsel in distress. Making men strong and women weak.



Stop trying. just do. In the way, the way that makes the most sense, if only to you.

For it isn’t our place to change languages use. But to understand what it could be used for. And use it.

Language is not the key, words, letters, sentences. They are all mere components of the greater machine. We control, and should use for our own ends and means.


Communication is, or rather should be the answer.

Talk or write or sign or speak. Use all the tools of language, or none at all.

No two people see the world alike. No one will understand, if you don’t tell them what it’s like.

So, find your way, to transmit your message.

Use our system of language, if you like, as I choose to do,

Man-made and created by others. By me simply learnt.

But its message is mine, and my truth will be heard.


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    This is an absolutely brilliant use of language to desribe the human power to transcend not only language itself but to transcend the human being (the instrument) while using the varying tools of language [Meta-knowledge.] I love it Kathleen!

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