Poetic Dan


  • Nan as I sit and try and write this to you
  • My heart should sadden as it normally would

For the moment you were in the hospital bed

I sat all night not knowing if we'd see you awake again


Holding your hand the whole time saying more than prayers

Tears Dry on my face thinking of the times you were there


Across the room in your ward a lady just screaming names

Asking to not have the alarm that holds her in place


Your awake and now home


You inform your feet don't move unless you look at them

Cheeky asking for scissors to cut off my growing Mane


Smile on your face while playing cards in the sun rays 

Reminded me of forgotten peaceful childhood days


I struggle to remember the advice you gave 

Life has soon shown me that's not all there is to say


Today I think you help me try to understand, even if you're getting dressed and washed by someone else, can't move without assistance or a wheelchair. 


A true inspiration for me to let be will be

Life doesn't feel so confusing after a cuppa tea


Thank you grandmother for staying 

Still continuing to teach me


  • Tony36

    Great write

    • Poetic Dan

      Thank you friend and for the words you Inspired on yours 😉

      • Tony36


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