kevin browne

There's A Sign I see.

there's a sign I see, I see it every day, and it talks something stupid. it's quite a mystery
it appears to be deceiving and it's turning my mind into trickery
instant recognition which of the ability to stand up for something new
being in a place where there are lots of wonderful things to do
living in an oddity filling up the spaces with the dreams we gave
a universe that tells us about all the planets we have to save
forgiving Gods ambitions to save all of us from a life of torture
a mindless coward sits on a throne that was built on 'caught ya'
a family in a reign of everything they had became also very sad
when a thought starting thinking about a clever idea it had
another atom bomb was dropped and everything exploded
when we were with the loss of a kindred spirit we reloaded
wishing wells are filling up and drowning in our stormy sorrows
the greatest show in the universe will cover all tomorrows
so we stand and voice ideas that get put out on the fires
wise decision sir whoever you are, go kill all your desires
frequent silence sounds the effects of someone going crazy
a padded cell with a padded mind so let us go picking daisies
interest starts to burn inside with the controlling emotion of hate
served with distance and a glare of the poison on your plate
taken by chance or did nature run away with life and just left us
then a moving movement when more or less has hit us like a bus
in happy times we need to give some love and show some care
for respect plays the part of all the words I have used so far.


  • ShannonXx

    Really great write

    • kevin browne

      Thank you, Poet friend x

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