Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

What Makes You Feel Like a Kid?

I feel so young again while driving my car,,
Its a 68 Charger R/T, and it really burns the tar,,
Its about my age, but it's in much better shape,,
12 second quarter miles, Runs like a screamin ape,,
I built this beast of a car more than 30 years ago,,
I was young and beautiful then, Now just beautiful ya know,,
Being a "Gearhead" has always been in my DNA,,
Comes from my Dad, My best bud till his last day,,
Its a flyin Muscle Machine, Made in better times,,
Wanna race? For the whooping you'll get, the pleasure's all mine,,
It still gives me a thrill when I see the 440 muscle under the lid,,
What's your pleasure? What makes you feel like a kid?
(In case you do not know the words to the song, the second verse says,
Parked inside her old rickety garage,
Is a brand new shiny red Super Stock Dodge)

The company of others always serves to be
A reminder to enjoy every moment, letting me see
Everything that I have and live for in life
Helping me accept both the harmony and strife
But nothing makes me feel younger than
A chance to compete with my peers
Kindling a fire that pushes me to do all I can
Driving me forward, leaving my fears

so the injustice of it all when this life begins to crawl
learning how to think about excepting everything around you
that, from a mother's perspective we succeed in all the things we do
and in growing up, never leave those childhood thoughts behind us
one foot in the grave was dug up as another life begins
memories pointing upwards not forgetting all in your infancy
kids in their in minds thought the rainbow was a bucket of illusional gold
icy winter snows when raindrops kept falling on my head
orphanage paid homage to an incredible poverty way of life
and the sweets we ate where the taste of every bite became addictive
sweet tooth in the making when we all started using heroin
a mixture of that in which adulthood remains still young at heart
and in finding solace as a teenager that dreams never fades away
6 kids at its best and with loving parents who just died anyway
keeping hold of those precious hands that feed the mouth of hunger
that our children have the driving force of a formula 1 racing car
that's why they are such a catch, they win the day by far.

Ah the beauty of the master's poem resonates now within,,
This was my intent when this piece would begin,,
It brings back youthful joy to learn from a great teacher,,
We must applaud this poem, We must make it a grand feature,,
In school learning, and taking in great knowledge, ,
Youth springs eternal, just like when I was in college,,
The only thing missing is the drunken weekend parties,,
So lets all raise a glass, and drink our fill me hardies!!

here's a little story about us growing up
learning all the things a baby has to burp
sucks a dummy yells screams and poo's
out grows the nappies learning things to do
in and out of everything up and down the stairs
find’s a different room and finds a diner chair
grows up big and strong jumped straight into school
downs the odds in the common room on a game of pool
expelled for being a useless loser and a costly overhaul
we think we know it all start a union trade and ball
retirement falls early now you lost a dream or two
sit back in your armchair sip an English cuppa tea
write a will and wait and then you have to see
that growing up is the same for everyone especially to me.

Ah yes growing the very same for you, and for me,,
But how differently each of us our youth does see,,
Yet do we bother to seek the perspective of ours peers?
Do we make effort to understand their wants and fears?
This world might be a more peaceful abode if we'd take the time,,
To see all as brothers and sisters, each single one sublime,,
In my youth, I knew not such important facts to consider,,
Yet I feel youth in these thoughts as age and wisdom glitter,,
What makes me feel like my youth has returned to me??
The readiness to be of help to my brothers and sisters in need,,


  • onepauly

    my memory is always their in my youth.

  • Tia Davis

    I really liked it I can see somethings that other people see as just an object or a thing can really be something that makes you happy something that makes you feel like a free soul make you feel powerful and never old

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