Loyalty died

Muhammad the Bully

Notice of absence from Muhammad the Bully
SBM to the core


Suphanallah, loyalty died man. I can't believe my ears man. All I see is US dollars and black oil, being more loved man. A lot of investigations and a lot of trigger squeezing, if black lives truly mattered why are we still bleeding? Blood shed off from the color of my skin, I can see us still hanging. On the same block huging corners, got us still banging. Zip lock inside a duffle bag, with a bodie and gas dealing. Seen a lot of cops and robbers but the cops get away with killing. Suicide bombers on the opposite side of my living. I can feel the earthquakes from the bombs y'all dropping. Its normal now so I guess we can ignore all the problems. Like as if I didn't have to wash the dishes before I took out the garbage. If this a white mans world, then why is Africa the center of harvest? Kings turned into slaves and slaves turned into niggas. Planet parent hood are getting rid of all the fathers. Now we have children who don't know where they come from. Loyalty died man, people selling their souls for one eye man, woman walking around  naked, no such thing as clothes fam. We don't hide our shame no more, we eat pills now. The vegetables got steroids in it we overdosed on drugs now. They putting estrogen in them jail sells. If you got a flu shot you was diagnosed with sickle cell. They got 5 liquor stores on the same block as health care. Mean while poverty hit us hard, got us crawling on wellfare. Social security dont make us feel secured. They getting money off birth certificates, trying to control our sea man, coasting on ivry coast towards a new kingdom. Back and forth between new York and Mexico , blacks are everywhere, like how we walk with our shadows. 




  • Author: Muhammadtb (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 23rd, 2017 05:22
  • Category: Letter
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  • thehippiepoet

    I really like how this seems unplanned and almost like a train of thought of the speaker. It's down to earth

    • Muhammad the Bully

      Thats crazy because it was a freestyle type of my writing I was just thinking about everything that's going on

    • thehippiepoet

      I really like how this seems unplanned and almost like a train of thought of the speaker. It's down to earth

    • Poetic Dan

      Nice controlled rant I feel

      Loyalty to brothers
      Compassion for mothers
      Empathy for the past
      Truth be only truth

      For me the only thing that's needed, is no more secrets and manipulation.
      Plus as someone who has no choice but to be a commoner, any royal familys should be in a zoo.

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