little lay lay

Can I Be?

I pay attention to you, even when you don't think I do.  

I listen to you even when you aren't speaking.  Your words fall like air enough for me to breathe.  

My words in thought fall in my heart.  

I watch you from a separate distance enough for you to wonder where I am.  

Can you find me?  Are you even searching?  

Am I your lost thing you forget about until I return.  

Where am I placed within you?  Am I in the back part of mind?  I fear to be there;  Can I be elsewhere?  

Can I be beside you in your precious thoughts, the ones you speak aloud;                                     Can I be apart of the memories you create, the memories you are bound. 


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Nice Bianca - this universal longing to be loved that we all share points to something much larger, grander and more stable than anyone human being can provide. That's why we are so often let down by others. The lines in your poem "Can I Be" will resonate with all whom read it.

  • ShannonXx

    This is a really nice poem, well written too

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