NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...


Sometimes people need to breathe
Just for a little bit
Be alone for a while
For their puzzle to fit

The pictures that you see
Kept locked inside your mind
It's takes away the feeling
Of anything inside

The touch of your hands
Make me quiver and shake
The roughness of your voice
Made me put my life at stake

The touch was like fire
Burning through my lower area
Like a dragon breathing fire
You were getting nearer

The kiss was like poison
That eats you up inside
You're addicted
With no place to hide

I suppose you can be addicted
To a certain type of sadness
But once you feel the touch
You're nothing but madness

I can't believe you did this
The time I embraced your kiss
That's something I'll always regret
And something id wish I had missed

Because now you're under my skin
And I can't do this
You're making me hurt
What did I do for this????


  • Poetic Dan

    Beautifully sad, when I write like this
    I try to get comfort knowing every tear is unique. Then a line from a song, "they are the water to clear the window of the soul."

    Thank you for sharing your heart

  • ron parrish aka wordman

    funny how love can bring such pain
    a distant love,or maybe one close

  • P.H.Rose

    Brilliant, love this poem
    Just reads so very well
    Well done lady.
    Believe me you are

  • NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

    thankyou i just wished my experiences had been easier

  • Q

    Remember it isn't your fault. The sickness within this world is the fault of those that flame it.

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