The World VS Mind

Your now racing to the light
Your at the end of what seems an eternity
Your approach starts a transition
Suddenly its not bright, its clouded
You turn around, theres no going back

What seems a lifetime becomes a grain
Your now left, waiting in a purgatory
Nothing but mind, memories and yourself
Your canvas with your colours and marks
You are you, your next step is your first

Do you play safe and fuel your brain?
Do you go and gain paper?
Do you wait, hurry, worry or fight?
Remember this choice will haunt

You can be strong and in dress
Gaining what is desired by most
Appearing in all places all over
Taking a shortcut to your real end

How perfect? At what cost?
Your eccentric canvas will die
It will be rebirthed in white
And crafted by the ones upstairs

Should you be free in yourself
Or should you be free in the world
Locked in your brain
Or brain locked in your skull

Your choice is yours
It will add to the canvas
However it may not stand long
Your now racing to the light, a second time.


  • Borys

    Great poem. The idea behind it is an interesting choice.

    • Jake_streboR

      Thankyou 🙂 Yeah it Is a little different! Just thinking about it made me decide writing a poem would help free my thoughts!

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