Miss Xtraordinary

Betray Me To Death

She gave me false hope,

Said, 'let's start over'.

I wish I wasn't fooled,

By the four-sided clover.


She was like my sister,

I thought we had trust.

Until that fateful day,

When she threw it away like dust.


The only thing she never gave me,

Was trust in return.

Until I knew it was all fake,

All unreal, all to turn.


All the things she said and promised,

All have been a lie.

Now that I think about it,

It makes me want to die.


As I write this poem,

And tears flood the sheet,

I realise it's time,

For death to save me a seat.

-Miss Xtraordinary


  • Borys

    Very powerful imagery and well described.

  • P.H.Rose

    Love this lady...
    Really good poem
    If you read some of
    Mine you will see I
    Like rhyme.....

  • FredPeyer

    Trusting somebody is like offering them part of yourself. When that trust is broken it is like loosing that part of yourself, as if you just died a little bit. Now you have two choices. You either dwell on it, give in to your hurt, OR, you forgive, kill them with kindness, and go on with your life one experience richer.
    I really do like your poem.

    • Miss Xtraordinary

      Thanks, and I really agree with you. Fortunately I did the second one, And I'm happy as I could ever be. 😊

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