Threshold of Sorrows

Send me from this pain that follows,
For what I bear weighs on my heart and shallow soul
My thoughts and memories bleak,
How long will this suffering peak?

My ego, self esteem, and sanity also to drown.
I wish they'd grasp my broken parts and drag with them down.

All these things hurting me at a constant,
Seem as if they'll never persist and vanish.
I try to let things go,
But they always seem to come back,
They say if you let it go and it comes back it was meant to be,
But I don't want any of this anymore.

Dark thoughts and sadness,
Will you help me stop this horrid madness?
Stop coming back to me,
I loathe everything it brings me back to be.

Happiness, peace of mind, serenity, love,
Why haven't I been sent these things from up above?
I need you, I want you, I've been waiting,
For you to come back to me, do you see this to be entertaining?!

I'm sick of this world crushing me,
I'm going insane with these thoughts that plague me,
I can't keep ahold of my mind!
Why are you doing this to me?
I've been so kind!

It's time for me to leave this all behind,
I believe my destiny has now been outlined,
I will forever walk this path unto oblivion,
All I ever do is hate and fucking sin.
Where is everyone? Where have you been!?
I've been waiting for my happiness to begin!

All has gone,
There's nothing left,
But shattered dreams,
And demolished structure.

Now as I walk through this threshold of broken glass and jagged gravel,
I have no clue where it will take me or where I will travel.
As it grinds my flesh from bone and rips away my tears,
Pummels my mind that holds only fears,
Takes my regret filled heart and slashes,
As everything I once was and my whole world crashes.
My tainted soul ripped from my chest!

When all I wanted, was to be caressed...

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