Gary Edward Geraci

Ballade of Phineas P. Gage

The blast gone bad, a spike through his head,
Phineas Gage's pierced skull did bleed.
The doctors marveled he wasn't dead.
His healing wounds and brain succeed.
But personality has changed indeed.
No longer on the railroad; he farmed.
Physique injured, the spirit does heed.
My soul bespeaks the body harmed.


Can't consecrate the wine and bread,
The old priest must rest, the church agreed.
Dementia running full speed ahead,
His love and fervor for God now freed.
For God's memory doesn't fail or need.
The hearts and minds he kindled and warmed
Still remember; the psyche will feed.
My soul bespeaks the body harmed.


A baby born with the news most dread;
About special needs the parents read.
Won't learn, won't marry; fate...a life in bed.
With inspiration and warmth they lead.
Perfect strangers, to care and help, some plead.
The smile the child's face radiates; charmed!
All glory to God, Christ does intercede!
My soul bespeaks the body harmed.


Spirited debate birthed a creed.
Composition of body and soul we're armed.
Phineas P. Gage your day is decreed.
My soul bespeaks the body harmed.

- Gary Edward Geraci


  • Fay Slimm.

    A first rate and compelling ballad with archaic linguistics that really beguile. Bravo and thank you for sharing this Gary.

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Thank you Fay for the read and comments. I read about the ballade style in a poetry glossary and then read one by Joyce Kilmer, purely by providence, here in mypoeticside, all in the same day. When the chips fall like that you've got to take it as a sign that Someone wants you to write a ballade. Thanks again!

  • malubotelho

    I love the way you fuse poetry with the documentary writing. You truly hold the knowledge of the fates described on your write. Congrats on your beautiful approach to so very important fates. Thank you

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Thank you M.! If the poem opens another to God's grace and the beginning of an understanding of His will for them then my poetry succeeds.

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