A part of you

I want apart of you, every feelin I feel is true.

I'm not here to give you lies I'm here to give you a clue.

Shhh, pause, don't say anything, I'm not here to sell you dreams,

Just tryin to give you love that's running back an forward through my veins.

Damn!!,why don't you understand!, what exactly do you call a man?

I'm doin my best,better than the rest, name another brother who can love like I can??...

(Smh), you can't answer that, keep it real what's holdin you back,

The Truth shall be revealed so why the hell are you faking facts...

Please Sweety just let me know, if I'm not your type then I must go.

I'll never attend or do commercials but for you I'll put on a show.

But honestly the truth I'm start to see, I shall never change if I'm not the key,

Overall I'm just to good for you, but the whole time I thought you was to good for me. (Dam) #Primetime#


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