Joaquin Finn

Because Of You


Because of you my life isn’t what it was Yesterday,

Will it ever be the same?

Because of you my mother won’t stop crying,

She can’t hide it either,

That’s not like her.


I’m Not afraid of you,

I’m Not like My father,

He is full of so much Anger,

I pity you.


Because of you my other sister is afraid of tomorrow ,

She doesn’t want to be alone.

Because of you an innocence that is a human’s right is gone,

It will always be.


My brother Doesn’t know you yet,

He will,

You should be scared.


Because of you my little sister doesn’t sleep,

She wakes up in the night screaming at the sight of me,

She thinks I’m you.

Because of you My little sister is afraid of men

I’m just her brother,

I just love her,

But because of you,

 To her,

I am just another Monster.


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