Samreen Chowdhury

suicide (part 1)

Trapped.Restricted.This equation of words just means another mournful day wasted.

there's  so much sunshine outside heating and blazing up the windows of the widowed house,

beginning to move and all their faces are happy but mine is painted.

i ponder who's the person that dies today,like me who's dying every single day.

not sleeping,not eating, not loving but just crying because it's so difficult and it's all experienced through hardship and struggles,that's the true definition of dying.

Help. I'm drowning in this sea

Struggling to see or even breathe.

Instant tears combine with the layers of oceans,blackening because it just does not work out,

like the way bees sting when they wonder about.

i take the last deep breathe so my heart becomes stable with the cold water 

because I'm aware that there's no one and nothing that could stop me now,I was deep,deep underwater.


  • Jeff

    Very nice...great write

  • onepauly

    I have a sister in law who committed suicide by drowning. it was very sad.

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