Miss Xtraordinary

How Madness Killed Me

I always had a happy life,

Then he entered it with glee.

That's when I met my true love,

I had a heart and he had the key.

Madness was not inside of me.


We loved each other,

He proposed on one knee.

I said yes,

I was no longer free.

Little madness inside of me.


He met my best friend,

It became a three.

It was no longer the two of us,

It was only she.

Madness was growing inside of me.


I thought he chose my soul,

And what is it that I see?

He cheated with my best friend,

I wanted to flee.

Madness was inside of me.


Jealousy took control,

Who was I meant to be?

I sliced her throat,

What is it I could not see?

Madness was me.


I went insane,

I was once again free.

He screamed, "forgive me!",

And my rope killed him a on a tree.

Madness took over me.


I look at myself,

I say, "I'm sorry..."

My knife deep inside of my body,

I was out of my misery.

And this is how madness killed me.


-Miss Xtraordinary





  • FredPeyer

    A slow path into hell. Well written, as always.

  • Christina8

    Graphic but well written! Great job!

  • P.H.Rose

    Just brilliant
    Absolutly love it

  • Xxxplicit

    I like it. Unique and with a smooth rhyme scheme and I absolutely dig the subtle darkness.
    Well done that's wassup.

  • Miss Xtraordinary

    Thank you all for the awesome comments! Makes me love this website! 🙂 xxx

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