Shimmer, rhetorical reticulation,
coagulated symphony

of expiring jubilation, 

faceless debate;

resonating essence

of a cosmic chrysanthemum.

My vengeful indigenous nature
knows no reduction,

imploding from an exasperated,

weary place;

searching for a half smile
in this land of impurity.

Corrupt clowns congregate
to my chorus of justification,

impaled fumes of colossal
misogynistic interpretations.

Dance with me in an
ocean of inverted serendipity,

run this gauntlet of disparaging regret
a tourniquet of absinthed roses
my gift to thee,

muses cut loose
this sheltered hieroglyphic.

I am a saint who pretends to be
coarse a rotting flesh of festivity,

since light's ocular inhalation
traverse manipulation.

Still, be still, in the moroseness
of day shining antiquities
solidifies this archaic devotion,

rise above the primordial
discharge of eloquence,

shriek into the vigor
of nocturnal relevance.

Collapse within this concourse
of reverence,

deity's quirky little game
of touch but don't taste,

preordained blueprint mocking ones fate.


Copyright © 2017 WhisperingQuill.All Rights Reserved






  • FredPeyer

    Whisperingquill you DO have way with words. Wonderful free play of thought.

  • Diamond

    Deep and flooding with inner excellence...Searching for the beauty that reflects that excellence.

    • whisperingquill

      Hmmm? Touché per say on the shedded tears of yesterday's oscillating counter-rays say hey Willie Mays

      • Diamond

        I feel you

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