In the Echoes of Time

In the echoes of time,
Our souls have been destined,
Destined to be united,
And made whole once more.

This life we live can be treacherous,
And has led us on our own paths,
Paths that have connected us manny times,
And once more, do our journey's join together.

Manny travel through life blind to it's glories,
I was once blind, but now do I see,
See everything I am to be,
Only because of you.

Not only have you opened my eyes,
You've opened my heart and with it my soul,
A heart and soul that has been, trapped by the worlds dark plights.

You brought me to the light,
Showing me what I want my future to be,
To be the man I've always wanted to be,
I want to be the best I've ever been
to you, and only for you forevermore.

This feeling I have within,
I feel it running through me,
Through me like a river,
I now know what I've felt all along.

It's my love for you,
And I feel it ever growing,
Growing within my very heart and soul,
That of which you opened and once more made whole.

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