You haven't laid a hand on me,

for that is visible and would leave a mark.


But you leave marks deeper than any physical hand print.


You don't just bruise my already rigid exterior, 

You don't just leave behind bumps and wounds that I could hide with a slip of a robe.


You left behind a dried up rose.


Something once with beauty 

where its rigid petals and thorns were accepted,

but is now dried up and left vulnerable to the most delicate of touches and softest of breezes.


You left permanent damage

Damage that can't be fixed with a band aid or a swipe of peroxide.


I thought I was the sun

that I had a purpose, and that I meant something special.




you told me I was instead just a small star in a sea of others, seemingly identical and waiting to burn out.


I thought I were one with the trees.

I felt beautiful and tall and powerful with each little leaf growing from an even stronger base.

But you stripped me bare,

you ripped off each branch , making me crumble and left to shiver in the cold gusts of wind.


You've ripped everything from me

poisoned my thoughts and insides 

crushed every hope and nightless dreams

and filled my veins with insecurity.


But- whats that?

You cant see a hand print anywhere on me?

You dont think it could hurt, because he didn't touch me?

Oh, then I guess I'm okay.





  • malubotelho

    The mental pain is a lot bigger than the physical pain and can last for an eternity. The only way to have a relief from the mental pain is to stop thinking. Beautifully written. Thanks

  • ShannonXx

    This is so sad to read but a beautiful poem! A wonderful write

    • AmandaJade

      thank you so much <3

      • ShannonXx

        That's okay :)

      • FredPeyer

        Amanda, I like your poem. We all have to be careful what we say or write - the word can hurt more than the stick!

        • AmandaJade

          I agree completely! Thank you.

        • lostgirl24

          This is really beautiful AmandaJade. I really like the under the surface feel it has and I really relate to you.

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