Selling your soul

King Author

Who would have known coded E.L.F codes, 
blue-tooth, flashes and strobes take control of frontal lobe bodily controls... 

A gold amulet of a skull and crossbones,
Poems of old with skillfully crafted tones calcify the third eye to a bone... welcome to the terror dome....

This is how it will happen, you will burn all your copy written captions then out of the smoke and ashes you will pledge allegiance to the Phoenix Dragon...

© 3 hours ago, King Author   


  • whisperingquill

    Yeah King Reign bro. Boom!💥

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    I knew there was reason to not copyright my work. Lots going on here visually. Good job my friend.

    • King Author

      thank you my other works

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