Everyone Has Got To Struggle Sometimes

Everyone has got to struggle sometimes 

It provides us with knowledge and pure strength 

Let this matter lead you towards the right path 

Rise to the top and be your best 

Treacherous terrains are present 

They are there to try and obstruct you 

Remember, it is all about the heart

Shine your light right on through 


  • onepauly

    I have to keep learning this over and over again. I knew it for years. but it just slips by. sometimes its two or three and sometimes more. at one time. and I lose trac. of what I'm supposed to do. please help me?

    • brooklyn6timesplus

      Much appreciated onepauly. When we struggle and fall, we can rise again and find our way to the correct path. We must not give up. Keep your head up and be persistent.

      • onepauly

        i'll keep my head up

      • kevin browne

        a perfect message for all to take notice. keep it going, my friend, we need to read poems like this more often.

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