Today I said Goodbye


Today I said goodbye

To my sanity

Going to live

According to my

Inner values

Listen to the wolves

In the middle of the desert

The wasteland

Of my own thoughts

The one-way streets

Of my brain

The black holes

Of my consciousness

Listen to the owls

Flying overhead

Their infinite wisdom

Pointing the way


Today I said goodbye

To my former self

Going back to

Virtuous thought

To living in the moment

Hearing sounds

So pure

They transcend


Seeing colors

With eyes closed

Rainbows of

My mind


Today I said goodbye

To the world

Around me

To the stress

Of everyday life

To the lies

And illusions

To the bears

And the bulls

To the ups

And the downs

To friends

And enemies

To false promises

And hollow pleasures


I am me

I am free


  • david

    Thank you. Very uplifting.

    • FredPeyer

      I appreciate your comment David!

    • Renzi

      Cleaning out the closest. Sometimes losing things from life is the greatest gain 🙂 freedom, nicely penned my friend.

      • FredPeyer

        Thank you Renzi. You are right, most of us carry much too much baggage around with us. Getting rid of at least some of it does help a lot!

      • ShannonXx

        A very uplifting poem! A great message attached to this that others should follow!

        • FredPeyer

          Thank you Shannon!
          Sometimes we attach much too much importance to what is happening around us, to what others want from us, instead of listening to that quiet inner voice.

          • ShannonXx

            That's okay! And I totally agree

          • P.H.Rose

            VerY good Fred...
            As we say in the uk
            It's a cracker !!!

            • FredPeyer

              Thanks P.H., speaking American English as a third language, I would like to assume that "cracker" is a positive thing!

              • P.H.Rose


              • Louis Gibbs

                A formidable and noble challenge you have given yourself, Fred! I like your poem and admire you for setting this goal.

                • FredPeyer

                  Thank you Louis! You are right, it is a challenge to disregard all the demands from around you, even if it is only for a little while, like one day. But it is also very liberating.

                • Heather T

                  Nothing like shaking the dust off of your soul.

                  • FredPeyer

                    Heather, you are an incredible poet! Love your expression "Shaking the dust off your soul"! I guess I should have titled my poem "Shaking the dust off my soul", that would have been much more poetic than "Today I said Goodbye". Thank you for your comment!

                  • Augustus

                    Love the message and the presentation. Good stuff!

                    • FredPeyer

                      Thanks so much Augustus!

                    • onepauly

                      I said goodbye to myself long ago
                      and whats left over is me.

                      • FredPeyer

                        You know Paul, I honestly don't think we can say goodbye to ourselves without dying while doing it. We can undergo transformations and emerge sparkling new, or at least different. Are you referring to getting rid of the person we think we have to be in order to become the person we feel should be?

                        • onepauly

                          yes, something just like that.

                        • malubotelho

                          Very profound. I like that you could fit the bulls and the bears there on your goodbye. They are so annoying. I said goodbye to my unreal self so many times but it is like I can leave it but it never leave me. I have only feel holly moments with my truly self and it is only when I can quite my freaking mind.
                          Your poetry is very truthful. Thank you.

                          • FredPeyer

                            Sorry malu, just saw your comment today.
                            Thank you. You are right, we often try to get some distance from ourselves, but a lot of times it just doesn't work. The who we are and the who we would like to be are both stuck in the same body.

                            • malubotelho

                              I know, we are kind of a diversity.

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