Miss Xtraordinary

My Old Best Friend

Do you remember,

Being my best friend?

Back then I never thought,

This is how it would end.


Do you treasure,

The memories we shared?

You changed a lot, for back then,

I always knew you cared.


Do you recall, 

The time you spent with me?

Who knew you wouldn't turn out,

The person I thought you would be.


Do you notice me,

Staring at your face?

No, you never did,

And then it became a chase.


Do you see,

You pushed me out of your way?

'Why does it have to be like this?',

I ask myself everyday.


Do you detect,

The pain in my voice?

We came apart,

And I didn't have a choice.


Do you care,

About all the lies you said?

And now you're happy,

But I end up dead.


- Miss Xtraordinary


  • FredPeyer

    Well Miss X, you wrote a great poem about friendship and human suffering. Don't worry about "exaggerating" once in a while. Sometimes it is to get a point across, other times because it rhymes. I like the opening best.

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