Between the lines

I’m not saying I’m perfect but I’m not a bad guy

When I sit and talk to you I don’t sit and lie

And I know I’m awkward and really kind of shy

But at least when your with me ill keep your spirits high


And I know that there is others and I’m really not the best

They’ve got the looks and hell they’re even better dressed

But they’ll be useless and they’ll make you all stressed

But I’m really unique and I’m different from the rest


See I’m not judgemental I’m soft hearted and kind

But I know its not enough for I always get declined

I feel like the only person who could like me would be blind

But a person like me isn’t one you will find


But I’ve only got personality and my looks will not full fill

But I do have some talent so I’ve always got some skill

Id climb the tallest mountain and run the highest hill

Because when it comes to love you’ve always got mine still


So if you gave me a chance I know we would last

But can we have a future looking at our past

It may be a question ill wish I never asked

But when it comes to you time runs out too fast


You know that I loved you and I know you loved me too

But what you don’t know is.. that I still do


  • emotional girl

    I have no words that can explain how good this was. It was so powerful that i could feel what you were feeling. Keep up the good work, you are a very powerful writer.

    • mocuisle

      thank you so much!

    • AmandaJade

      i enjoyed this so much, wonderful work!

      • mocuisle

        thank you!!

      • FredPeyer

        mocuisle, this is good, don't know why I did not read it earlier. But now I am glad I did. The last line is an absolutely perfect and kind of unexpected ending.

        • mocuisle

          thank you , i really appreciate it

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