Victim of Abuse

'Hush my darling, don't hide your sweet face as

You cower in the shadows, cloaked in the

Darkness to avoid my hate. It was a

Moment of madness, pure selfish pride that

Made me re-arrange your face. My club fist

Snarled in a ball, unleashed with fury at

You so small. Hush darling I won't invade

Your virginity or fondle your bones,

Soiled in my fluids, soiled in my filth.

Hush my darling I won't inflict more pain

On our guilt. Hush my darling don't cry at

My love - locked in my conspiracy, our

Secret to keep, locked in your eyes, locked in

Your heart, locked in your room, frightened to sleep.'


  • sue.evans

    Thank you

  • ShannonXx

    This is such a sad poem but written perfectly. I can feel every word!

  • sue.evans

    That was the aim of the language choice 😊

  • burning-embers

    Ouch ouch ouch! I'm so glad i read your note after reading your work. Very, very provocative - my anger grew with each line! Excellent!

    • sue.evans

      That is the response I was aiming for - thank you.

    • P.H.Rose

      This is just really
      So Very good.
      I wrote one called..
      If you get a moment please
      Read it and let me know
      What you think of it.
      It's about the abuse I had
      As a child from my
      Step father, though the
      Word father should never
      Be mentioned in his name.
      Loved your poem....

      • sue.evans

        I will definitely read your pone ana I feel fir your torment.

      • emotional girl

        Such a powerful poem. You are a wonderful writer.

        • sue.evans

          Thank you very much such a compliment.

        • Candlewitch

          from a former victim: this is very potent...BRAVO!!!

          *hugs, Cat

          • sue.evans

            Sorry to hear you were a victim. I like your comments about my poem - thank you.

          • sue.evans

            Glad ( if that is the right word for such a comment) i was able to create that empathy.

          • mbird72

            Again I'm amaz d at the quality of poems here. I was that child and my bones went cold when I read that. You captured "the child's pain" perfectly.

          • sue.evans

            Sorry if it reminded you of bad times. But like your comments about the poem. Thank you.

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