Grant Degnan

Green eyed allibi

~ Green Eyed Alibi ~

trust and mistrust, such a torcherous game
a lusting tale. so quick to point the finger in blame
so you devise an elaborate scheme
a simple white lie. woven into a veil of deception

all the while death has begotten the treasure
so you create a tall Albi - a slight deviation
green eyes and filled with discord
two loving hearts have been ripped
a soul torn

All because from the jealous river you sipped. now alone, empty and hallow you wonder where it all went.
Isolated and scorned by your own doing, there can be no more reasons to be.
your prized possesion is not yours to keep
another looks, stares,desires and that makes you weep
clinging on to figments of your imagination
keeping one eyes opened while you sleep, its a strange interaction
the betrayal a silent interrogation


  • Grant Degnan

    Yes indeed
    Thank you

  • burning-embers

  • ShannonXx

    A fantastic write with loads of emotion! Well done 🙂

  • Grant Degnan

    We'll thank you much appreciated

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