NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

Sometimes when You hug a man
You flinch cause Youre scared
All You ever think of them
They just wanna get laid

They put their arm around you
You sit there very still
Youre sick of feeling like this
It's made you very ill

The effect of rape
It's very strong
But when someone asks if your okay
You say there's nothing wrong

But nights like this are cold and dark
And nothing's going right
You can't go to sleep
Not without the light

You have these memories
They're too much to bare
You can't stop thinking
They're always fucking there

You fall asleep at 4 am
After crying all your tears
And there's nothing worse to meet a man
And face your biggest fears

The effect of rape
Will do you harm
It keeps you up at night
You don't need an alarm

You're walking around the streets
Wondering if out there
There's people like you
You're thinking "how is this fair"

It happened to you
And nothing can compare
Cause the effect of rape
Doesn't clear the air

If this has happened
And you can't find your light
Don't worry I'll help you
I'll help you win the fight

Cause I'm one of those
I've been through the pain
And I know that nothing compares
To all the effects of rape

  • Author: NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel... (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 1st, 2017 19:25
  • Comment from author about the poem: WANT TO FEEL OKAY AGAIN :(
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  • kevin browne

    you sound such a beautiful poet, just such a shame what the contents are. this intoxicated me with your grief. our thoughts are with you all the way through x

  • Heather T

    Oh little love, I am so sorry. It's not beyond healing, even though it steals so much. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, look at how brave you are, to not only write about this but post it here!

  • Louis Gibbs

    Women have been victimized in this insidious manner throughout history, which makes me admire them all the more for choosing that role. You all have my utmost admiration! Good poem, Rachel.

  • Q

    So sorry for such a horrible experience to have happened. Your poem is well written. I hope the scars can fade.

  • AAA

    wonderfully put, i am very sorry to hear that you went through that, as someone who is currently going through the grief of healing over my rape and attack i can tell you this: it's not your fault no matter what you think or people tell you and take it one day at a time, it will never leave you but it is not who you are, eventually you will not think about it everyday and you will be able to live not full of fear but of understanding that most people are good but some are evil... you will become very strong and if you ever need someone i am here

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