The Girl With The Cursed Tongue

She is a girl

Cursed with eyes

The eyes of a madwoman

A girl who can no longer see clearly


When she looks into her room,

She sees walls of bone

Even though they are only made of drywall

That was made by the human will


When she looks into her mother's eyes,

She sees hour glasses

That are almost depleted of sand

For she is running out


Of what, she doesn't know

For why she cares too little

For she is a woman who locks everything away

For another day


When she looks at a notebook,

She sees a prison

Where her tears are held captive

Behind the blue bars that hold too much emotion


When she looks at a couple,

She sees locks with the keys still inside

Waiting to turn and leave forever,

But they always seem to never leave


She can no longer write

Sentences that make sense

Every word is a poem,

Trapped with another right next door


She is cursed with a tongue

That can no longer convey the words

That are strictly confined 

For if they're free she'll loose too much


Her mind is like a haunted factory

It makes too much but it sells too little

Instead, the product is that of thin air

Never to be seen again


The pen in her hand does not hold ink

But possibilities that will never be spoken aloud

That will only be processed

In the factory that sells too little


When she looks at her mother's hands

She sees a monster

It doesn't want to destroy

But instead, it wants to create


Her ears are closed

Trapped inside the reality of imagination

She wants to be free,

But she knows what's at stake


She may be trapped

With all these ordeals,

Thoughts and emotions

That no one will ever understand


She wants to be saved

But only she can see the answer

Too afraid of the tiny little rabbits

That everyone so blindly embraces with love


They don't see fur made of heartstring

They don't see eyes of glass

She sees the horrors of reality

The guards of prosperity


She may be a madwoman

She may no longer be able to write sentences

That make any sense

She may no longer be able to write with ink


But she is still a girl

Trapped with no one to reach for her cheeks

That are paved roads

That lead to her only escape


She wants someone to find her

But not even she knows where to look

The bread crumbs consumed by the birds

Who only see her monsters


Look into her eyes

See the factory with no product

See the girl that no one understands

The girl with the cursed tongue 



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